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Marketing & Media Process

A trusted partner is there to help you navigate the channels and seemingly endless ocean of traditional and digital media options.

Identify Your Audience

At Swell Media, our process is based in strategic thought and maximum effort. We begin by identifying and learning about your target audience, your business, and your objectives, which allows us to establish a clear set of goals.

Converting Visitors To Customers

We then determine which media channels and tactics will attract the attention of that audience and devise a plan that motivates potential customers to take action. Whether you want to boost brand awareness, or drive customers to visit your website, download assets, register for events, or make purchases, we can help you achieve your goals.

By providing comprehensive PPC (Pay Per Click) management and media planning and buying services, we can architect an effective strategy and build out the plan that keeps you on target for your growth goals.

Strategic Marketing Campaigns

Your strategic marketing campaigns are backed by expert measurement, analysis and reporting. Not only does this allow us to prove out the plan we’ve built, it also allows us to continually optimize your campaigns and achieve better results.

Marketing & Media Mixology

Our expertise covers all traditional and digital media tactics, which are carefully crafted and interwoven in meaningful ways to help you achieve your overarching goals within a specified time and budget.


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