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Other Machine Co., the brilliant engineering minds that created the Desktop CNC Milling Machine "Othermill", partnered with Swell Media to grow their online sales and lead pipeline. Highlighting the compelling features and benefits of the Othermill Pro, Swell Media launched an integrated PPC campaign that tested multiple channels including search, remarketing, and Google Shopping ads. To capitalize on the products growing popularity and press coverage, Swell Media employed unique strategies to capture qualified traffic to relevant pages and meet the campaign goals of Other Machine Co.


Advertising Channels

Traditional PPC

Remarketing Ads

Shopping Ads

Detailed Targeting

Device type targeting

Geographic targeting

Ad Schedule targeting

Tracking System

Cross-Domain Tracking to

track revenue from third-party

shopping platform.


Swell Media worked closely with Other Machine Co. to understand the intricacies of their business model and their suite of products. Multiple conversations were held around performance goals, the competitive landscape and Other Machine Co.'s positioning in the marketplace. What resulted was a working knowledge of the benefits and value the Othermill Pro delivers to the end user. Swell Media was able translate this information into a framework for a targeted digital campaign.

Swell Media leveraged traditional PPC strategies, along with remarketing ads, and regularly updated shopping ads to launch the campaign. As more performance data became available, adjustments were made to the overall campaign composition to improve conversion metrics and to maintain alignment with the strategic direction of the client.

Cross-Domain Tracking was applied via Google Analytics to track revenue from the third party shopping platform to provide acurate ROI data to guide optimization in the active campaign. The data points derived from this set-up aided Swell Media in the decision making behind device, geographic, and ad schedule targeting.

Above and Beyond

As Other Machine Co. continues to grow in the marketplace, Swell Media has also leveraged search ads to highlight media coverage of their products and services. This initiative focused on niche industry keywords related to innovative robotics research - all made possible by the Othermill Pro. This campaign elevated the brands presence to a new audience of potential leads and customers in a contextually relevant digital setting.


Annual ROI:


Through continuous optimization and the testing of multiple strategies, the campaign delivered an annual ROI of 340%, with the highest single month demonstrating a return of 950%. In addition to the direct sales attributed to this campaign, Swell Media also delivered hundreds of new leads to Other Machine Co.

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